THE GLORIOUS COMEBACK - Build 164? / by Eldon Betz

Hey guys! So finally after too long, Tough Coded Live IV is back! So I'm here to give you the run down on what gonna be happening in the coming weeks, as well as what's the deal with Spine of V! So let's start with the story and where TC has been this whole time.

So right after the last game of Master of Trolls, around October of 2017, Nando and his team began production on 2 new phone games. Floyd's Sticker Squad and Tower Power. Along with that they began pre-production on their family app, Boop Kids. and all these projects together meant that Nando was spread pretty thin, there wasn't even anybody to begin planning Spine of V let alone working on the TC at all. They were trying to make something with the game, even getting it Greenlit on Steam. However with how spread thin they were, TC's development began to slow, and eventually stop.

Fast forward a year and a couple of old TC fans wanted to continue the legacy of TC began work on Tough Re-Coded, a take on Tough Coded where you can play offline or against your friends. With approval of Nando we worked on it for around 8 months. and then we're planning on releasing it on the 26th of September. About halfway through development of TRC, we wanted to maybe work on TC directly, so we came to Nando, asking for access to project. After A LOT of convincing, Nando thankfully allowed us to work on it. and the rest is history. So we all hope you'll enjoy Spine of V this October and we can't wait to see you all there! -MidnightSyntax (Lead Dev)

Go play the game or else I will call Thanos. Also, the site is still under construction. So please don’t worry about some stuff, it’ll be fixed.