Build 165 and Spine of V are HERE!!! / by Eldon Betz

Check out the official changelog for the new season!

Tough Coded - Build 165 (Spine of V) Changelog:

- Added new Fire weapon and item drop.

- Color changed various enemies.

- Added new background elements.

- Added new background colors.

- Added new enemy Vertical Shooter.

- Added George Spark obstacle.

- Added new boss Jefe de TV

- Added Jefe Blast, Jefe Sword, and Jefe Fist.

- Redesigned George Clooney boss.

- Changed George boss intro animation.

- Added new block arrangements.

- Added new songs.

- Buffed various enemies.

- Nerfed Triple Shot weapon slightly.

- Added OriTor enemy.

- Added Space Invader Attacker enemy.

- Added support for mobile devices.

- Added mobile specific controls.

- Changed store look and layout.

- Added ability to buy powerups.