New Update (Build 153) / by Nando Sarmiento

New Build is needed to play Friday ---> 153

Well, we've been heavily working on issues and bugs, pre-MOT. There'll be some huge announcements soon, so, BE READY. To play tomorrow's game (Friday, 5pm PST) you need to download the LATEST build (153!), so, go for it!

Some known bugs and issues
- Trying to fix a score addition bug which is, well, not working very well.
- The tough level addition screen appears all black, if you die in-game
- There are some UI sounds missing
- The game still might feel not very balanced, specially the Wide Shot Weapon

What we did in this new build
- Tough Level bug has been fixed, now it works OK
- Fixed a bug which calculated your season Level wrong
- We changed the setup of the Twitch stream
- Fixed a bug that didn't allow you to arrive late to a game
- Fixed a bug that didn't save your in-game won credits to your account
- Fixed a bug that made you stock on extra lives without ever spending any
- Fixed some major server issues / optimized server code