New Update (Build 149) / by Nando Sarmiento

New Build is needed to play tonight ---> 149

By now, you should know we're doing tons of updates, previous to next season, MoT (Master of Trolls). There's also a bunch of news and updates coming soon which are pretty exciting, BUT, let's stick to today at the moment. We've been doing tons of fixes and there are some major issues we're currently working on. Here they are: 

Some known bugs and issues
- There's still a calculation error in leveling up.
- There's a bug where all lives bought are never spent (now I know why CDA always begins with so many hearts)
- The game still might feel not very balanced, specially the Wide Shot Weapon
- Currently fixing that if you focus outside the build, the sound/music would still play (in PC)

What we did in this new build
- Fixed voxel shaders (in MAC)
- Season and Off-Season Score is now working as it should
- Now we can do multiple seasons at once and keep everyone's scores saved.
- Fixed a bug which calculated Tough Level wrong
- Changed streaming service to Joycaster from, and now will be broadcasting to Facebook and Periscope aside from Twitch (has a better frame rate and it looks better overall).
- Fixed some major server issues / optimized server code