How the (*@&^$^% scoring in Tough Coded works? / by Nando Sarmiento

Tough Coded's scoring works per season. Meaning, your score will carry on for the full of the season, whatever amount of matches that is (season 1 is only 3 matches).

There are essentially 2 scores: SONG SCORE and SEASON SCORE.

The SONG SCORE is the score of, duh, each song. This appears between songs. So, whenever a song ends, what the game is showing you who was the BEST player THAT song. Not only for Online players, but also for actual SHOW players (the ones next to Little Nando in the stream, and the ones that are seen in the stream).

When each show ends, at the end of the game, you'll see a SEASON SCORE. What you'll see there is the addition of all your song scores together, and this is the ultimate score.

Now, the SONG SCORE you make between songs, is multiplied (only for Online users) by a "SURVIVAL BONUS".

The Survival Bonus means how many times you've survived a level without using a credit (without dying even once, dying means losing all your hearts). And this bonus is EXPONENTIAL. Meaning that, the more you survive, the higher that bonus will be, and all your score will be multiplied by that. The calculation is 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5, etc.etc.etc. So the bonus would work like this:

(Survival bonus base is (1)... so:)

Survive once, 1 + (1) = 2

Survive twice 2 + (2) = 4

Survive three times 4 + (3) = 7

Surivive four times 7 + (4) = 11

...and so on.

If you die, and CONTINUE, the survival bonus stays the same and keeps on going. If instead you die and DO NOT continue, the survival bonus is reset to "1" for your next game.

Hope that's clear now.