Balance changes / by Nando Sarmiento

So, the first show was a piece of cake for y'all. So right after it I was so fed up I turned all the shit UP. The idea is for you to LOSE, not WIN. So, here are the new balance changes.

FYI: Cody Stats (LV1)
Attack 10 (+ weapons, each weapon is +10 per bullet)
Defend 0 (+whatever armor you have)

Crab attack up from 2 to 30
Mini crab attack up from 1 to 30
Assholes attack up from 30 to 100
Fast Spider Bullet attack up from 1 to 30
Boney Boss attack up from 50 to 100
Oruga Big Boss attack up form 50 to 100
Assholes attack up from 30-100 to 100-500

George Clooney XP down from 1800 to 300
Boney Boss XP down from 500 to 150
Oruga Big Boss XP down from 380 to 120

Coin Magnet defense down from 100 to 30
Bullet Hell Killer defense down from 100 to 3

Game Level
"The Nothing" idle time down from 5 to 1 sec.