THE GLORIOUS COMEBACK - Build 164? by Eldon Betz

Hey guys! So finally after too long, Tough Coded Live IV is back! So I'm here to give you the run down on what gonna be happening in the coming weeks, as well as what's the deal with Spine of V! So let's start with the story and where TC has been this whole time.

So right after the last game of Master of Trolls, around October of 2017, Nando and his team began production on 2 new phone games. Floyd's Sticker Squad and Tower Power. Along with that they began pre-production on their family app, Boop Kids. and all these projects together meant that Nando was spread pretty thin, there wasn't even anybody to begin planning Spine of V let alone working on the TC at all. They were trying to make something with the game, even getting it Greenlit on Steam. However with how spread thin they were, TC's development began to slow, and eventually stop.

Fast forward a year and a couple of old TC fans wanted to continue the legacy of TC began work on Tough Re-Coded, a take on Tough Coded where you can play offline or against your friends. With approval of Nando we worked on it for around 8 months. and then we're planning on releasing it on the 26th of September. About halfway through development of TRC, we wanted to maybe work on TC directly, so we came to Nando, asking for access to project. After A LOT of convincing, Nando thankfully allowed us to work on it. and the rest is history. So we all hope you'll enjoy Spine of V this October and we can't wait to see you all there! -MidnightSyntax (Lead Dev)

Go play the game or else I will call Thanos. Also, the site is still under construction. So please don’t worry about some stuff, it’ll be fixed.

New Update (Build 153) by Nando Sarmiento

New Build is needed to play Friday ---> 153

Well, we've been heavily working on issues and bugs, pre-MOT. There'll be some huge announcements soon, so, BE READY. To play tomorrow's game (Friday, 5pm PST) you need to download the LATEST build (153!), so, go for it!

Some known bugs and issues
- Trying to fix a score addition bug which is, well, not working very well.
- The tough level addition screen appears all black, if you die in-game
- There are some UI sounds missing
- The game still might feel not very balanced, specially the Wide Shot Weapon

What we did in this new build
- Tough Level bug has been fixed, now it works OK
- Fixed a bug which calculated your season Level wrong
- We changed the setup of the Twitch stream
- Fixed a bug that didn't allow you to arrive late to a game
- Fixed a bug that didn't save your in-game won credits to your account
- Fixed a bug that made you stock on extra lives without ever spending any
- Fixed some major server issues / optimized server code

New Update (Build 149) by Nando Sarmiento

New Build is needed to play tonight ---> 149

By now, you should know we're doing tons of updates, previous to next season, MoT (Master of Trolls). There's also a bunch of news and updates coming soon which are pretty exciting, BUT, let's stick to today at the moment. We've been doing tons of fixes and there are some major issues we're currently working on. Here they are: 

Some known bugs and issues
- There's still a calculation error in leveling up.
- There's a bug where all lives bought are never spent (now I know why CDA always begins with so many hearts)
- The game still might feel not very balanced, specially the Wide Shot Weapon
- Currently fixing that if you focus outside the build, the sound/music would still play (in PC)

What we did in this new build
- Fixed voxel shaders (in MAC)
- Season and Off-Season Score is now working as it should
- Now we can do multiple seasons at once and keep everyone's scores saved.
- Fixed a bug which calculated Tough Level wrong
- Changed streaming service to Joycaster from, and now will be broadcasting to Facebook and Periscope aside from Twitch (has a better frame rate and it looks better overall).
- Fixed some major server issues / optimized server code


How the (*@&^$^% scoring in Tough Coded works? by Nando Sarmiento

Tough Coded's scoring works per season. Meaning, your score will carry on for the full of the season, whatever amount of matches that is (season 1 is only 3 matches).

There are essentially 2 scores: SONG SCORE and SEASON SCORE.

The SONG SCORE is the score of, duh, each song. This appears between songs. So, whenever a song ends, what the game is showing you who was the BEST player THAT song. Not only for Online players, but also for actual SHOW players (the ones next to Little Nando in the stream, and the ones that are seen in the stream).

When each show ends, at the end of the game, you'll see a SEASON SCORE. What you'll see there is the addition of all your song scores together, and this is the ultimate score.

Now, the SONG SCORE you make between songs, is multiplied (only for Online users) by a "SURVIVAL BONUS".

The Survival Bonus means how many times you've survived a level without using a credit (without dying even once, dying means losing all your hearts). And this bonus is EXPONENTIAL. Meaning that, the more you survive, the higher that bonus will be, and all your score will be multiplied by that. The calculation is 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5, etc.etc.etc. So the bonus would work like this:

(Survival bonus base is (1)... so:)

Survive once, 1 + (1) = 2

Survive twice 2 + (2) = 4

Survive three times 4 + (3) = 7

Surivive four times 7 + (4) = 11

...and so on.

If you die, and CONTINUE, the survival bonus stays the same and keeps on going. If instead you die and DO NOT continue, the survival bonus is reset to "1" for your next game.

Hope that's clear now.

Balance changes by Nando Sarmiento

So, the first show was a piece of cake for y'all. So right after it I was so fed up I turned all the shit UP. The idea is for you to LOSE, not WIN. So, here are the new balance changes.

FYI: Cody Stats (LV1)
Attack 10 (+ weapons, each weapon is +10 per bullet)
Defend 0 (+whatever armor you have)

Crab attack up from 2 to 30
Mini crab attack up from 1 to 30
Assholes attack up from 30 to 100
Fast Spider Bullet attack up from 1 to 30
Boney Boss attack up from 50 to 100
Oruga Big Boss attack up form 50 to 100
Assholes attack up from 30-100 to 100-500

George Clooney XP down from 1800 to 300
Boney Boss XP down from 500 to 150
Oruga Big Boss XP down from 380 to 120

Coin Magnet defense down from 100 to 30
Bullet Hell Killer defense down from 100 to 3

Game Level
"The Nothing" idle time down from 5 to 1 sec.